Setting up LobbyCentral (Cloud)

Welcome to LobbyCentral Cloud! 

This start-up guide will walk you through the necessary steps to quickly configure your account. When setting up LobbyCentral for the first time, we recommend it is done in the following order. 


In general, LobbyCentral defines Location as a physical building, which contains at least one queue. However, in some cases, location can also be defined as two (or more) separate areas within the same building. For more information, please see  Managing Locations, in the LobbyCentral Cloud User Guide.
  1. Under Settings, click Locations.
  2. In Manage Locations, click New Location.
  3. Enter the name of the location.
  4. Set the maximum customer wait time.
  5. Set the location’s time zone.
  6. Leave status set to Active.
  7. Click Save.


Users are created to provide each employee access to LobbyCentral.  All users have the permission to create a service request, but only users assigned to a service queue, can view or take a pending request. For more information, please see  Managing Agents/Users, in the LobbyCentral Cloud User Guide.
  1. Under Settings, click Users.
  2. In Manage Users, click New User.
  3. Enter a username.
  4. Enter the user’s first and last name.
  5. Enter the user's email address.
  6. Enter the user's mobile number and select mobile carrier (optional) Note: Only used if user elects to receive SMS notifications.
  7. Set the user’s default location.
  8. Leave status set to Active.
  9. Click the box to have LobbyCentral generate a private password that will be emailed to the user. Not used if a Windows Login is provided. 
  10. Click the Queues tab.
  11. Select a Location.
  12. Select a Queue. This will add the user to the selected location and queue.
  13. Repeat steps 11 and 12 until user has been added to all required locations/queues.
  14. Click the Security tab.
  15. Set the user’s Access Level. By default, this will be set to User.
  16. Set the user’s permissions. See Permissions below.
  17. Click Save.


A visit reason/ service is used to identify the reason for a customer's visit.  The service is added to a queue, so when the queue is selected, the service appears in the drop-down choices. For more information, please see  Managing Visit Reasons / Services, in the LobbyCentral Cloud User Guide.
  1. In Settings, click Visit Reasons & Services.
  2. In Manage Visit Reasons (Services), Click New Service.
  3. Enter the (service) Description.
  4. Enter the Kiosk Description if you need a customer friendly description of the service.
  5. Select if you would like the service to be the default service selected in Kiosk. The customer can still choose another service.
  6. In Assign To, click the drop-down menu to add the service to a queue. Repeat this step until you have added the service to all required queues. Note: A Service Description must be added to at least one queue.
  7. Select the service’s category (optional). See Data Tables in the LobbyCentral Cloud Admin Manual for more information.
  8. Select whether to display the service in the kiosk. True = yes, False = no.
  9. Enter Long Description information (optional).
  10. Click Save.
Note: Be sure to Assign the description/service to a queue (step 6), or it will not appear in the list of service options, when creating a request.


A queue holds pending service requests. When a ticket is assigned to a queue, the members of that queue are notified. For more information, please see  Managing Queues, in the LobbyCentral Cloud User Guide.
  1. In Settings, click Queues.
  2. In Manage Queues, click New Queue.
  3. Enter the name of queue.
  4. Select the queue type.
  5. Select the queue’s location.
  6. Leave the status set to Active.
  7. Click the Members tab.
  8. From the drop-down menu, select each user that will monitor and work this queue.
  9. Click the Services tab.
  10. From the drop-down menu, select each Available Service that you will assign to this queue. Note: A queue requires at least one Available Service.
  11. Click Save.


Data tables contain custom descriptions that are used in various drop-down menus within LobbyCentral. Note: Interest Section Items and Special Services both require an additional step. See individual section for each in  Data Tables.
  1. In Settings, click Data Tables.
  2. Under Manage Data Tables, select a table.
  3. Enter the item name.
  4. Click Save.
That’s all there is to it! For additional information on these topics and more, please see our  LobbyCentral Cloud User Guide. Thank-you for using LobbyCentral!

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