Getting started with ExpressLobby

ExpressLobby can be used for Appointment and Walk-In check-in.   By default, Appointment check-in is automatically turned on but in order for the customer to check-in for an appointment using ExpressLobby, the email link must be activated.

Activating ExpressLobby for Appointments

  1. Log into LobbyCentral with an administrator account.
  2. Go to Tools, Administration.
  3. In the admin menu, click ExpressLobby
  4. Check the box Include Check-In link in Appointment emails
  5. Set Allowed Actions to Appointment Check-In or Appointment and Walk-In Check-In.
  6. Click Save Changes.

Activating ExpressLobby for Walk-Ins

  1. Log into LobbyCentral with an administrator account.
  2. Go to Tools, Administration.
  3. In the admin menu, click ExpressLobby 
  4. Set Allowed Actions to Walk-In Check-In or Appointment and Walk-In Check-In
  5. Click Save Changes

How do Customers Check-In with ExpressLobby?


When a customer schedules an online appointment or a user creates the appointment, the ExpressLobby check-in link is generated and emailed to the customer.   On the day of the appointment, the customer checks-in by tapping on the link..

To make sure customers do not check-in too early, you can set the Earliest Check-In and Latest Check-In in System Options.

See Using ExpressLobby for Appointments in the Related Articles link below for additional information.


To check-in for a unscheduled or walk-in, the customer will need to know your ExpressLobby Code and a location code.   Both of these can be found on the Manage Locations page.

  1. Using a mobile phone, the customer opens a browser and types in
  2. The customer enters the code and verifies they are at the correct location.
  3. The customer continues the check-in process and is placed in the queue.

QR Tag Check-In

To make the check-in process faster and easier, LobbyCentral can generate a QR sign that you can post on your door.   Simply click Generate Signage on one or more locations, and the sign is created.

Using the QR tag, the customer scans the code and by-passes the location code screen.

Additional Tips
  • Make sure the Location's address and operating hours are configured.
  • Place signage on doors, waiting areas, and employee counters.
  • ExpressLobby can be used with LobbyCentral Kiosk.   It does not replace Kiosk, but gives customers "No-Contact" way of checking-in.
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