Manage Visit Reasons

A Visit Reason is used to identify the reason for a customer's visit (the service to be performed).

Create a Visit Reason

  1. Go to Tools > Administration > Manage Visit Reasons
  2. Select New Service.
  3. Create a name for the service.
  4. If the visit reason being added is a subservice of another visit reason, select the "parent" visit reason from the dropdown menu. A subservice will show below the "parent" visit reason at the kiosk. For example: In the image below, BL-Change Address/Owner is a "parent" service. The line items showing a ----- (dash), in front of the service name, are subservices of BL-Change Address/Owner.
  5. Enter a customer friendly kiosk name in Kiosk Name Override if desired.
  6. Check the box, "Make this service the default selection in Kiosk" (located below Kiosk Name Override), if you would like this service to be set as the default selection at the kiosk. The customer may still choose another service.
  7. Select the queues to add the visit reason to, by clicking the drop-down menu in "In Queues". Repeat this step until you have added the service to all required queues. Note: A visit reason must be added to at least one queue in order to be selectable during check-ins.
  8. Select the service Group (optional). Review Service Description Groups in Data Tables for more information.
  9. Select whether to display the service in the kiosk. 
  10. Enter a Long Description for the service (optional). Long Description allows employers to give a more descriptive breakdown of the service, if necessary. If an employee wants to review the service description while helping a customer, they simply click Help Card in the check-out window. Help cards may be disabled in System Options.
  11. Click Save.

Modify a Visit Reason/Service

  1. Go to Tools > Administration > Manage Visit Reasons
  2. Locate the service to update and click Modify.
  3. Make desired changes.
  4. Click Save.

Delete a Visit Reason/Service

  1. Go to Tools > Administration > Manage Visit Reasons
  2. Locate the service to remove and click Delete.
  3. Confirm.

Note: A service description cannot be deleted once it has been used. Change the status to Inactive to prevent it from being used.

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