Managing Queues (cloud)

Queues are used to hold pending customer requests in the order they were entered, and contain the service reasons for each of those groups. 

Queue Types

LobbyCentral contains two types of queues,  Customer and Work queues.

Lobby Queue Used to hold walk-in customers for a location. Each location maintains its own set of queues to keep check-in requests isolated from other locations. A Lobby queue captures the total time the customer waited and the length of service.
Work Queue
A work queue is used for customers who are not present, or for situations where wait time is not applicable. For example, email or phone call assistance. 
A work queue will only track time spent with the customer. Wait-time is not tracked because the customer is not present at the location. Work queues do not require a location.

Queue Visibility

A lobby queue may only be assigned to one service location. Each location maintains its own set of queues, and they are only visible to the user(s) assigned to them. Queue assignment can be managed when editing a queue, or a user.  

Queue Properties

Basic information about queues.

Name Name of the Lobby queue. This is the name that will be displayed for users in LobbyCentral.
Type Lobby or Work queue. See description in Queue Types, above .
Location The physical location or site the queue is assigned to.
Status Used to set the Queue as active or inactive.

Queue Members

Users that have access to view and check-out customers in this queue
Users Shows user(s) assigned to work the queue.
Add User Dropdown menu of users to select for queue assignment. Once selected, user(s) are displayed in the  User section of the Members tab.

Queue Services

The service descriptions assigned to the queue. 
Services Displays services added to the queue.
Category See Service Description Groups in Data Tables for more information. Default is set to All.
Available Services A list of available services. Click on a service to add it to the queue.

Adding A Queue

  1. In Settings, click Queues.
  2. In Manage Queues, click New Queue.
  3. Enter the name of queue.
  4. Select the queue type.
  5. Select the queue location.
  6. Click the Members tab.
  7. From the drop-down menu, select each user that will monitor and work this queue.
  8. Click the Services tab.
  9. From the drop-down menu, select each Available Service that you will assign to this queue. Note: A queue requires at least one Available Service.
  10. Click Save.

Modifying A Queue

  1. In Settings, click Queues.
  2. In Manage Queues, locate the queue to update, and click Modify.
  3. Make the desired changes.
  4. Click Save.

Deleting A Queue

  1. In Settings, click Queues.
  2. In Manage Queues, locate the queue to delete, and click Delete.
  3. Confirm that you want to delete the queue.

Note: You cannot delete a queue once it has been used. Modify the queue status to Inactive to prevent it from being used.

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