Migrating LobbyCentral Core to a new server

This article discusses how to move your LobbyCentral instance to a new application server.   It does not cover moving the database which is discussed in a separate article.

Please review this article carefully before attempting to move LobbyCentral.

Before you start

  1. Verify the target server meets the Server Requirements for LobbyCentral Application Server.
  2. Download the LobbyCentral UPDATE package from http://download.lobbycentral.comDo not download the New Installation package.
  3. Retrieve the database server name, user account, and password from c:\program files(x86)\fuhr software\lobbycentral\web\CustomerSettings.config.
  4. Verify all users have logged out of LobbyCentral, all kiosks have been shut down, and all QMonitor devices have been shut down.


  • If you are using a DNS record to access LobbyCentral, do not forget to change the IP address to new server.    
  • If you are not using a DNS record, it will be necessary to notify users to delete any saved bookmarks to the old server.   This includes the kiosks, QMonitor, and Queue Notifier.

If you are also moving the LobbyCentral database server, please complete that process FIRST.

Installing LobbyCentral

  1. Backup the lobbyCentral database.
  2. Unzip the LobbyCentral download and copy LobbyCentralUpdate.msi to the target server.
  3. Run the installer.
  4. When prompted for database information, reference the information from step 3 in Before you start.   
    1. If you have moved the LobbyCentral database, use the new database server name.
    2. If you do not know what the sa password is, you can substitute the sa username with the db username and the sa password with the db password.
  5. Complete the installation.


  • The installer will update the lobbyCentral database with any changes.   If you need to fall back to the original server, you will also need to restore the database. 
  • If LobbyCentral was using Single Sign-On, you will need to disable Anonymous Authentication and enable Windows Authentication in IIS. 


  1. On the target server, open Internet Explorer 10 or higher.
  2. Go to http://localhost/servicecenterweb
  3. Verify that you can log in and access basic functions.


  1. Shut down the original server.   If shut down is not possible, start IIS Manager on the old server, and shut down the LobbyCentral Application pool.   If users attempt to access the old server, they will see a Service Not Available error message.
  2. Update DNS records (if applicable) for LobbyCentral to use the new server.
  3. If a DNS record is not used for accessing LobbyCentral, follow these additional steps:
    1. Instruct users to delete bookmarks referencing the old server.
    2. Update startup URLs for kiosk devices and QMonitor.
    3. Update the LobbyCentral URL in Queue Notifier.
  4. Re-create the LobbyCentral Anon website (if applicable)
    1. Update Push Notification URL Override in System Options
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