Creating an Anonymous Endpoint for Push Messaging, Kiosk, and QMonitor

Single Sign-On requires Windows authentication method, and anonymous authentication, disabled.

If the kiosk or QMonitor are used on a PC that is not logged into the domain, the browser will prompt for a valid domain username and password. This will be required anytime the kiosk is restarted.

The workaround for this is to:

  1. Load the kiosk from an secondary web application that uses anonymous authentication.
  2. Configure the web application to use the push notification server from the anonymous application.

This procedure allows you to maintain one instance of LobbyCentral and split the employee portal from the kiosk.  No additional steps are needed when applying future software updates when using this solution.

Simple Method (Recommended)

  1. On the web server, open IIS manager
  2. Expand Sites
  3. Right-click on Default Web Site and choose Add Application.
  4. Assign an alias such as servicecenterweb_anon
  5. Select the LobbyCentral application pool
  6. Set the Physical path to the LobbyCentral web folder
  7. Click OK
  8. Double-click Authentication and verify that Anonymous is Enabled and Windows Authentication is Disabled.
  9. Log into LobbyCentral, and go to Administration, System Options
  10. Set the Push Notification URL to http://<yourserver>/servicecenterweb_anon/
  11. Save changes.

To start the kiosk and qmonitor using the anonymous authentication endpoint, use the URL http://<yourserver>/servicecenterweb_anon

You can also use this URL on the iPad to use the anonymous connection:

  1. Start the LobbyCentral app.
  2. Tap settings
  3. Tap Account Type
  4. Clear the value set in the first field, LobbyCentral Server
  5. In the URL Override field, enter in the anonymous endpoint URL
  6. Tap Save

IMPORTANT.  You must override the Push Notification URL in LobbyCentral.  See steps below.

Alternate Method - Separate Website

  1. On the web server, open IIS manager.
  2. Right-click Sites and choose Add Web Site
  3. Give the new site a name such as LobbyCentral (Anonymous Mode)
  4. Set the path to c:\program files(x86)\fuhr software\lobbycentral\web
  5. Change the Application Pool to LobbyCentral
  6. Set the Port to 8081 (or value of choice)
  7. Click OK.

Important.  You must override the Push Notification URL in Administration or users will not be updated when a customer checks in using the kiosk.

Setting the Push Notification URL in LobbyCentral

  1. Log into LobbyCentral with an admin account.
  2. Go to Tools, Administration and click System Options.
  3. On the Settings tab, locate the Notification Push URL field
  4. Enter in the full path, including protocol to LobbyCentral.  i.e. http://yourserver/servicecenterweb or https://yourserver/servicecenterweb if using SSL.
  5. Click Save

To load the Anonymous-access version on the kiosk, open a browser and use the LobbyCentral URL with port number of the second site.   http://yourserver:8081/servicecenterweb

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