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Customer Records

LobbyCentral retains all information added to the customer record until it is deleted from the system by a user. At a minimum, LobbyCentral will create a record for each new customer containing the customer's first and last name. Editable fields in the customer record are:

First Name Zip Code
Middle Name Mobile Phone
Last Name Other Phone
Birthday Email
Address Customer ID
Special Instructions
Status Kiosk Check-In (Allow/Do Not Allow) *

Kiosk Check-in* If Kiosk Check-in is set to Do not Allow, a message will appear if the customer attempts to check in through the kiosk. A message will appear in the kiosk instructing the customer to see an employee. The default message is shown below; however, a custom message may be created by typing the message in the Special Instructions field.

In addition, custom fields may be created in the customer record for company specific needs. For information on creating custom fields to be saved to the customer record, please review Custom Fields.

Customer records are created as each new customer checks in through LobbyCentral for the first time. However, the administrator may use  Customer File Import in administration, to upload existing customer records to LobbyCentral. For more information about importing data, please review Customer File Import.

The  Customer Record Window contains five tabs: Properties, Custom Fields, Account, Request History, and Comments History

Properties Contains editable customer information, such as name, address, date of birth, etc.
Custom Fields Created in administration, custom fields are used to collect additional information about the customer, such as gender or case number.
Account Displays any account IDs created for the customer. User can also create a new Account ID from this tab.
Request History Contains all previous visit records for customer. Visit Records are View only, and can not be edited from this screen. To edit a closed request, please review Service Record History - Search & Edit.
Comments History Displays user comments from previous visit records

Customer Search

  1. Go to Search > Customer Search.
  2. Enter the customer's full or partial name, or Account ID.
  3. Click Search.

View / Edit a Customer Record

  1. Locate the customer from the search list, and click Manage.
  2. Make the desired changes and click Save.

Note: Deleting a customer record will also remove all service requests associated with the record. If Delete is selected, a message will be displayed asking the user to confirm the action. Use with caution: Once this action has been completed, it cannot be reversed.

Account ID

Some organizations, such as banks, use account numbers to identify customers. Account IDs may be added to a customer record to enable  Account ID search during check-in. Account IDs may also be created during the Customer Import process. Please review Customer File Import for more information. 

Add / Edit Customer Account ID

  1. In the customer record window, click the Account tab.
  2. Click the Add Account button.
  3. Select the ID Type (optional). For information on creating ID Types, please review Data Tables.
  4. Enter the Account ID.
  5. Click Save.
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