Custom Fields (cloud)

Custom fields may be created to obtain additional information from a customer during check-in. These fields are attached to the service request and can be viewed in request history. Custom fields may also be created and attached to the customer record to save additional information at the customer record level. Information entered in the customer record will remain with that customer until it is changed or deleted by a user. 

Custom fields can be configured to appear in the kiosk, Web client, or both.

Please note that custom fields created at the Service Request level are not viewable in a customer record. To save custom data at the customer record level, you should create a  Customer custom field type.

Custom Field Properties

Field Name Name of the field that is shown on the screen or at the kiosk.
Screen Screen is where the field appears for input; at the kiosk, Web UI (employee assisted check-in), Kiosk and Web UI, or within the customer record. If customer record is selected, the user will enter the custom information in the check-out window while assisting the customer. The information will not be entered during check-in.
Required Indicates if a value is required for the field.
Type The type of field, which also provides validation. See Custom Field Types below.
List Items Only used if Drop-Down List is selected for Type. Enter list items, one per line.
Status Used to set the custom field as active or inactive.
Show In Used to select where the custom field's data will show up; In pending list, wait list, or QMonitor.

Note: If 'Customer' is selected from the dropdown menu for Screen property, the Show In option will be grayed out. Information from customer records is not displayable in the wait list, in-service list, or in QMonitor.

Custom Field Types

Validated Field types will verify that data entered is accurate for the selected type.

  • Text: Free-form field
  • EmailEmail address (validated)
  • URLWeb address (validated)
  • U.S. PhonePhone number (validated for USA only)
  • Drop-Down ListList of options to select from.

Add Custom Field

  1. Go to Tools > Administration > Custom Fields.
  2. Click New Field.
  3. Enter the field name to be displayed.
  4. Select the screen(s) where the custom field will be displayed.
  5. If this field is required to check-in, click the Is Required box.
  6. Select the Field Type. If the selected type is Drop-Down List, enter one option per line in List Items.
  7. Leave status set as Active (default).
  8. Check the boxes where the custom field will be displayed.
  9. Click Submit.

Modify Custom Field

  1. Go to Tools > Administration > Custom Fields.
  2. Find the Custom Field to update and click Edit.
  3. Make desired changes.
  4. Click Submit.

Delete Custom Field

  1. Go to Tools > Administration > Custom Fields.
  2. Find the Custom Field to remove, and click Delete.
  3. Confirm that you want to delete the field and any data associated with the field.

Note: Use  caution when deleting a field, as this will also remove any previous data. If you want to preserve the data that was previously captured for this field, modify the custom field and uncheck the Enabled box.

Custom Field used to replace customer name

Beginning 9/23/2022 customers may create a custom field to be displayed in place of a customer's name in QMonitor Classic.

Creating the Custom Field

The requirements for a custom field to be used as the display field in QMonitor Classic are:
  1. The field is marked as Required
  2. The status is Active
  3. The Show In options includes QMonitor (Classic only)
  4. It can be any Screen type.

QMonitor Classic Settings

  1. Set the Name Format to Use a Custom Field
  2. Select the Custom Field to use. Only custom fields that meet the requirements will be shown.

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