Appointments- Search & Edit (cloud)

Users may perform an appointment search by going to Search > Appointmentsand entering the requested information. Search results will vary depending on how much information is entered. The less information entered into the search, the larger the yielded results.

Appointment Search

  1. Go to Search > Appointments.
  2. Enter available information. At a minimum, Start and End dates must be entered.
  3. Click Search.

If your company has a LobbyCentral Appointments subscription, the Pending Approval section will detail any appointments that need approval by supervisors. For more information about LobbyCentral Appointments, please check out, or email [email protected]

You may also review LobbyCentral Appointments Manual for questions regarding your LobbyCentral Appointments subscription.

Once the appointment search is submitted, a list of confirmed appointments will be displayed. The user may then select an appointment from the list and review it, or change/cancel it. 

Appointment records detail the the customer's vital information, time and date of the appointment, the visit reason, any comments, and special requests.

Approve Pending Appointment

  1. Conduct an Appointment Search.
  2. Locate the appointment in the Pending Approval list.
  3. Select Review.
  4. Verify the appointment information, and click Approve.    

Modify Appointment

An appointment may be modified while viewing the appointment record. Locate the appointment in the search list, and select  Change / Cancel. Make any desired changes to the appointment and click Submit

Note: All fields notated with a red asterisk (*) must be filled, in order to submit changes.

Cancel Appointment

To cancel an appointment, simply click the Cancel Appointment button while viewing the appointment record.

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