Appointment Options

Allow overlapping Appointments

When enabled, this option will show all time slots within a location's operational hours. 

Automatically Approve Appointments

When enabled, this option will automatically book the appointment in LobbyCentral.  If this option is disabled, the appointment is saved in LobbyCentral with a status of Pending Approval. Pending appointments are reviewed and approved in LobbyCentral.

Show Available Employees

When enabled, this option will display a list of employees for the selected location and queue, along with First Available.   If this option is disabled, the list is not shown and all appointments are assigned to First Available.

Minimum Time to Schedule

Specifies the earliest time a customer can book an appointment for the current day and time.   This prevents a customer from scheduling an appointment to move ahead of walk-in customers.

Slot Increments

Specifies the length of an appointment slot.

Approver Emails

Specifies which emails should receive a notification about a pending appointment.  This option is only required and used if Automatic Approval is disabled.   Enter one email address per line.

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