Scheduling URL

Scheduling URL

This is the URL to the appointment scheduling page for your account.     

This link can be distributed or used on your website to direct customers to the scheduling page.

Appointment Widget (No longer used)

*** the appointment widget has been discontinued and is no longer in the current version ***

To integrate appointment scheduling inside your website, you will need to copy the Appointment JavaScript code and authorize the domain that will be using the widget.

Step 1:  On the page that will host the widget, copy the Javascript reference into the HEAD section of the page.

<code><head> <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> </head>

Step 2:  Create a button or link to call the widget


<code><input type="button" id="lc-schedule-appointment" data-id="<subscriber ID>" value="Schedule Appointment" />


<code><a id="lc-schedule-appointment" data-id="<subscriber ID>" href="javascript:void(0);">Schedule</a>

The subscriber ID can be found on the Account profile page, under Business Details.   

You must specify the ID of the element as "lc-schedule-appointment".

Step 3: Authorize your domain

To protect hijacking of your dedicated appointment account, you must specify the domain that the widget will be hosted on. You may specify up to three domains.

For example, if your website is, enter Do not specify page names or absolute paths. Only use the domain.

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