Finding and Handling Duplicate Customer Records

You can search for duplicate customer records and then perform a merge to keep your customer database running efficiently.

Finding Duplicate Records

  1. Log into LobbyCentral and go to Reporting, Report Manager.
  2. Find the Duplicate Customers Report and click Run.
The report will show the customer ID, name, and total check-in records that are associated with the customer record.  You can use this report to determine which customer ID will be used as the primary that will receive the merged duplicates.

Merging Customer Records

  1. Log into LobbyCentral and go to Tools, Customer Merge.  (Your account must have permission to use this function).
  2. Enter the primary customer's name and click Continue.
  3. Match the ID on the report with the ID in the search results and select that record and click Continue.

    Generally you will set this to the customer record with the lowest ID number as this is when the customer first checked in.
  4. Enter the customer's name again, which will return the same results with the chosen record disabled.
  5. Check the box next to each record that should be merged.
  6. Click Merge Records.
Example: The report below shows that customer Jack Frost has five records in the system.

Because record 135 is the first time Jack checked in, and also because it has the most check-in records, we will merge the other 4 records with record 135.

On the Customer Merge screen, we enter Jack Frost and select the record with ID 135 to be our Primary Customer or target record.

Next, we enter Jack Frost again to find the records to merge with the Primary record and check each box.   Note that the Primary Record is shown but is disabled so that it cannot be selected.

After clicking Merge Records, LobbyCentral will move the service requests associated with the 4 merging records into the Primary record and then delete those records.

We can verify that the duplicates no longer exist by searching for Jack Frost and see that only one customer record is returned.

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