View Pending Request Information

View Pending Request Detail

The View Request screen displays the check-in information for a customer without moving the request to In-Service. The View Request icon is a letter "i" within a blue circle, and is located to the right of the customer's elapsed wait time.

  1. Click View Request to view the check-in information entered for the customer.
  2. When finished viewing the request, click Ok to close the View Record window. 

Abandon Pending Request

  1. Select the View Request icon to the right of the customer's elapsed wait time.
  2. Click Abandon Request, in the lower right corner of the window. 
  3. Type the reason for abandoning the request (optional).
  4. Then click the Abandon Request button.

Note: Abandoning a request does not delete it from the system. It simply closes the record and marks it as Abandoned. Abandoned requests may be tracked in Report Manager.

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