Customer Self Check-in Using Kiosk

Your customers may self-check-in using a kiosk setup in the entrance, or lobby. The kiosk may be setup on a computer, an iPad, or a tablet.

New in Version 7.0: Customers now have the option to scan a QR code at the kiosk and perform their check-in using a mobile phone. This allows for a touch-free check-in option. If the customer does not have a mobile phone, they may tap the appropriate button on the screen to begin checking in through the kiosk.

Check-In without an Appointment (Walk-In)

  1. Customer enters their first and last name.
  2. Customer enters additional information (if custom fields have been defined).
  3. Customer selects the service needed.
  4. Customer confirms the information entered, and clicks Check-In.
  5. Request is submitted.

Check-In with an Appointment

  1. Customer enters their first and last name or phone number.
  2. If an appointment is found matching the name or phone number entered, the customer is asked to confirm their appointment time.
  3. If an appointment is not found, the customer is notified and the check-in process is halted.
  4. If multiple matching names are found, the customer is asked to select the correct check-in time for their appointment.
  5. The customer enters their mobile number on the confirmation screen and clicks Check-In.
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