Auto-Assignment Rules

Rules may be created to automatically assign a check-in request to a user.  

Note: Auto-Assignment Rules apply to the Kiosk only.

  • Rule Type: Select rule based on customer's first name, last name, or service selected.
  • Condition: Conditions indicate what the rule should examine to determine if it qualifies.
  • Equal to Condition 1: The rule will compare the selected rule type against the value in the Condition 1 field. If there is an exact match, the rule will trigger its action.
  • Between Condition 1 and Condition 2: The rule will compare the selected rule type against the values in Condition 1 and Condition 2. If the value is equal to, or greater than, Condition 1 and equal to, or less than, Condition 2 the rule will trigger its action. Example: If comparing customer last name, where Condition 1 is set to A, and Condition 2 is set to H, any name beginning with A through H will qualify for this rule.
  • Condition 1 & 2 Value Fields: Condition 1 & 2 fields are alpha-only and may contain up to three letters.
  • Assign to User: The check-in request is assigned to the selected user. Important! This will override Requested Employee field in the kiosk.
  • Status: The status enables or disables the rule being used in LobbyCentral.

Creating an Auto-Assignment Rule

  1. Go to > Tools > Administration > Auto-Assignment Rules.
  2. Select New Rule.
  3. Create the Rule Name.
  4. Select a Location.
  5. Choose the Rule Type.
  6. Choose the Rule Condition.
  7. Select Condition 1.
  8. Select Condition 2.
  9. Assign default user.
  10. Assign user #2 (optional). If the default user's status is Logged Out, Away, or at Lunch, then check-in will be assigned to user #2. If both users are unavailable, the request will be assigned to 'First Available.'
  11. Click Save.
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