App Links (cloud)

The Kiosk Links page contains the direct URLs for callback queues, and to each defined Kiosk profile. A direct link can be used to bypass the Kiosk profile selection screen.

Callback Queues

Once you have created your callback queue(s), go to Kiosk Links in Administration, to test and copy the URL to be added to your webpage. You may also click the Manage Callback Queues button to be quickly taken to the Queue Management page, where you can create the callback queue(s).

For more information on callback queues, please review Callback Queue - LobbyCentral Support.

Lobby Kiosks

You may bypass the kiosk profile selection screen when using the web kiosk on a computer or tablet. To obtain the kiosk URL, go to Kiosk Links in the Administration menu of your LobbyCentral account. Note: Your user account must have administration privileges to view and click on the Administration menu.

Click the URL under Lobby Kiosks, and then bookmark the URL in your browser. Each kiosk profile will have it's own URL.

For more information on Kiosk profiles, please review Creating a Web Kiosk Profile - LobbyCentral Support.

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