More About Callback Queues (cloud)

A callback queue is an online queue that holds customers requesting a call for their issue or question.  

Instead of holding for a service representative, a customer can simply fill out a request form using their web browser. The request is queued along with other customer requests, and employees work the calls as if the customer was waiting in the lobby.   

By queueing online, call center hold times are reduced and customers can go about their day without having to wait on the phone.   

Callback queues will keep track of the same information as a lobby queue including wait and service time.

COVID-19 Benefit

During the COVID-19 pandemic, all customers will be able to create a virtual callback queue and no additional cost. The number of callback queues that can be created is equal to the number of lobby queues on the account.

How it Works

  1. Create one or more virtual callback queues for your customers to choose from.
  2. Add one or more visit reasons to the callback queue.
  3. Assign one or more users to the queue.
  4. Obtain the link by going to Apps > Callback Queue in Administration, and publish your Virtual Check-In page to your website.

Customer Process

  1. Customer starts the check-in process by clicking on the Virtual Check-In Page link
  2. Customer first enters in their first and last name, email, and contact phone number.
  3. Customer then selects a service queue, service reason, and enters any additional comments. Customers should not enter confidential information such as social security numbers, account numbers, etc.
  4. Upon submitting the request, the customer will receive a confirmation email.

Ticket Management Process

  1. Employees assigned to a virtual callback queue will see a new tab on the check-in management page called 'Callback Queues'
  2. When a new request has been received, the callback queue list will automatically refresh to show the customers waiting.
  3. Ticket handling is the same as a lobby queue.

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