Creating a Web Kiosk Profile

Starting with LobbyCentral On-Premise v8.0 and LobbyCentral Cloud, you must create a kiosk profile to login to web kiosk. This allows the administrator to manage kiosk options from LobbyCentral's administration page.

Note: Cloud users will need to enter the Company ID and select a profile (location), if applicable, when logging into the web kiosk.

As of 2/11/2018, a HIPAA/Privacy option has been added to Kiosk Profile that limits the last name input to one character at the kiosk.

The option to limit the last name to one character is at the Profile level.   

Redirect after Check-In URL

If supplied, the kiosk will redirect itself to the provided URL after a customer checks in at the kiosk. You must provide a way for the kiosk to go back to the check-in page by using the "Direct Check-In URL" shown in the profile settings. 

Create Kiosk Profile

  1. Select New Profile
  2. Enter the Profile Name. This can be the location name if you have more than one location.
  3. Select the Location.
  4. Choose additional settings.
  5. Save Profile.

After profiles are created, On-Premise users will be asked to select the appropriate profile, from the dropdown menu, before selecting Start Kiosk (see below).

Please note: Cloud users will still be required to enter their username and password before selecting the appropriate profile.

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