Migrating an On-Premise Database to Cloud

This article provides the necessary steps to migrate an on-premise database into an online cloud account. The following steps are technical and are intended for use by your IT Department. Please read through all steps before proceeding with a migration.

Please note, data migration is only available for customers migrating from on-premise to a Corporate cloud account. 

If you do not have a Corporate cloud account and still wish to migrate your on-premise data, a service fee will be included. Please request a quote from [email protected]

Data migration is limited to your current LobbyCentral settings, users, locations, queues, and visit reasons/services. Past customers and past requests cannot be migrated.

It is good practice to keep your previous installation of LobbyCentral for accessing historical records.

If your on-premise installation is setup for single sign-on, you will need to create login passwords for your users after the migration. LobbyCentral cloud is not setup for single sign-on at this time.


  1. User account with access to the database server. Must have system administrator rights.
  2. SQL Server Management Studio.
  3. An active LobbyCentral cloud account (trial or paid).

It is recommended to plan your cut-over in advance to minimize reporting gaps. LobbyCentral can usually migrate your database on the day that it is received, but may need to schedule a migration date depending on the dev team's schedule.  Files received after the close of the business day will be processed the next business day (or by the date scheduled with the dev team).

Exporting the Database

  1. Open SQL Management Studio and connect to the LobbyCentral database
  2. Open the Databases folder and right click on the lobbycentral database.
  3. Select Tasks, Export Data-Tier Application. Be sure to select Export and not Extract.
  4. Click Next and choose a location and filename to save the Bacpac file.   
  5. Click Next to review the summary.   
  6. Click Finish to start the process.

Depending on how large your database is, this can take several minutes. Once the Bacpac file has been created, proceed to the next step.

Sending the Database

  1. Contact LobbyCentral Support at [email protected]lobbycentral.com and request a Migration dropbox link.
  2. A Dropbox URL will be provided to you.
  3. Connect to the online file drop and upload your file.
  4. Send an email back to support indicating the file has been uploaded.

The Dropbox URL is a one-way upload only. Files can not be viewed or downloaded by other users.

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