Block Dates & Times

Administrators now have the ability to block specific Appointment dates and/or times in LobbyCentral. After the time/date block is created, appointments will be disabled during the blocked times.

Date/Time Block Setup

  1. Login to LobbyCentral and go to Tools > Administration > Blocked Date/Times.
  2. Use the < > buttons at the top of the calendar to select the month, then
  3. Click on a date.
  4. Create a title, such as "Federal Holiday"
  5. If the office will be closed all day, simply verify the 'All Day' box is checked, and Save
  6. If the office will be closed for a specified amount of time uncheck "All Day."
  7. Click inside the start time slot, and first select whether the time added will be in AM or PM.
  8. Click inside the Hour field to display the clock.
  9. Use the clock's hour hand to click and drag to the appropriate hour start time.
  10. Click and drag the minute hand to select the start time in minutes.
  11. Be sure to select AM or PM.
  12. Click Done
  13. Repeat steps (10-12) to select the stop time.
  14. Save.
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