LobbyCentral Clock Syncing Issue

Important Reminder: This is a display issue only. The correct time in, taken, and seen are recorded on the actual event because it is taken from the server and not the end-user computer or kiosk.

Access may be restricted by your IT security policy.   If you are unable to access the setting, please contact your IT department for further assistance.

Google Chrome:

Disable Throttle Javascript Timers in Background in Google Chrome

  1. Open Chrome
  2. Copy and paste this line into the address bar:  chrome://flags/#intensive-wake-up-throttling
  3. Change 'Throttle Javascript timers in background' to disabled
  4. Relaunch Chrome

Microsoft Edge:

Disable the Throttle Javascript Timer from Edge

  • Open Microsoft Edge
  • Type the following in the address bar: edge://flags/#intensive-wake-up-throttling [cut & paste]
  • Select DISABLED next to the Throttle Javascript timers in background option
  • Restart browser


Disable the Throttle Javascript Timer from Firefox

  • Open Firefox
  • Type the following in the address bar: about:config [cut & paste]
  • Click the button Accept the Risk and Continue
  • Search for the term 'throttle.enable' ( You should see the config for 'network.http.throttle.enable' )
  • Verify the Value flag is set to False


No workaround - must use Firefox or Chrome

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