Using ExpressLobby for Appointment Check-In

How it Works

  1. "Include Mobile Check-In link in Appointment emails" MUST be enabled in LobbyCentral, Administration > Apps - ExpressLobby, in order for the check-in link to be generated in the customer email.
  2. If you use LobbyCentral Appointments for online scheduling, then you must also enable "Include Mobile Check-In Link in confirmation email (Available in Cloud Only)" in your LobbyCentral Appointments account by selecting Appointment Options in the menu, and then checking the appropriate box.
  3. Customer is informed about the mobile check-in through their appointment confirmation email. 
  4. Customer clicks the Online Check-In button in the email to go to the check-in page, where they are asked if they are currently at the location for the appointment.
  5. If an appointment is found, the customer enters their mobile number to receive a text message when it is their turn. (Mobile check-in is currently available for customers with appointments only) **In a future update, walk-in customer check-in will be available, and will work as follows; If the customer does not have an appointment, it will check if walk-ins are allowed. If walk-ins are allowed, the customer is queued behind other waiting customers.
  6. The customer reviews and confirms the check-in, and waits in their car until it is their turn to enter the building.
  7.  A user takes the next waiting customer from the queue, and a text message is sent to the customer with instructions to enter the building.

**Note** After the customer completes the check-in process the page will default back to If you would like to customize the default page, for example to your general website, you will need to enter the URL in System Options > Settings tab. See example below.

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