After logging in, users are see a Connection Failure message

After a user logs into LobbyCentral, the browser makes a connection attempt to the push notification service.   This service is responsible for notifying users when a customer has been checked in or out.    

When the connection is successful, the name of the connection is displayed in green.   

If the connection is not successful, a Connection Failure message and a red icon with a slash is displayed.

Verify that the LobbyCentral Application Pool is set to Integrated

  1. On the web server, open IIS
  2. Expand Application Pools and locate the lobbyCentral pool
  3. If the pool is set to Classic, right click the pool and choose Properties
  4. Change the Pipeline from Classic to Integrated and save.
  5. Expand websites, Default Website
  6. Locate servicecenterweb and choose Basic Settings
  7. Verify that it is using the correct application pool

It is not necessary to reboot the server after making changes.

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