Terms and Conditions of Purchase (On-Premise)

These terms and conditions apply to the purchase of a license for LobbyCentral on-premise software.

Delivery of Software

Customers will be provided with a login and password to access our customer website to download the core software as well as updates and optional products.  Access will be granted with a signed purchase order or after payment for the software has been received.

Delivery of License(s)

Software license(s) will be delivered by email with a signed purchase order or after payment has been received.  Licenses are also entered into the customer support portal and can be accessed by logging into http://download.lobbycentral.com.

Payment and Refund

Payment must be received within 30-days of the invoice date.   We may assess a finance charge of 1.5 percent on all amounts received after that time.

All sales are final. A full refund may be made, provided the order is cancelled before the license is issued.  Customers that receive a refund agree to uninstall the software and destroy all licenses.   Customers that receive a refund and continue to use the software will be invoiced the full amount plus a reinstatement charge.

Covered Entities under HIPAA

Fuhr Software or LobbyCentral does not comply with HIPAA.  By purchasing the software you acknowledge and agree that we will not act as a Business Associate and that you will not use LobbyCentral for collecting, storing, or transmitting protected health information.  You also acknowledge that you have read and agree to the sections 9.1 and 9.2 in LobbyCentral End-User License Agreement with respect to using LobbyCentral in an environment controlled by HIPAA.  You also acknowledge and agree to our disclaimer found here:   Is LobbyCentral HIPAA compliant? (Notice of disclaimer)

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