How do I erase all of my test data when ready to Go-Live?

To erase all of the data in LobbyCentral, you will need to connect directly to the database.  If you are not comfortable working with SQL Management Studio, please contact your IT department for assistance.

  1. Open SQL Management Studio and connect to the LobbyCentral database server.
  2. Select lobbyCentral from the database drop-down list.
  3. Execute the following SQL statements:

Caution!   Deleted information is not recoverable!   Be sure that you have a verified database backup before executing these statements.

Delete customer check-in history:

DELETE FROM tblRequest

Delete visitor center history:

DELETE FROM tblVisitor

Delete customer records:

DELETE FROM tblCustomer

Delete visitor center companies:

DELETE FROM tblCompany

Delete custom field values:

DELETE FROM tblCustomField_Value
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