Printing Tickets & Visitor Badges (cloud)

Check-In Ticket

LobbyCentral Kiosk has the ability to print a check-in ticket displaying a customer call out number. This feature must be enabled by an administrator under  Settings & Options, in Kiosk Settings.

The check-in ticket is used in conjunction with QMonitor, to page a customer by number, in environments that prevent the customer’s name from being used. The printed check-in ticket shows the customer’s number, and is displayed in QMonitor when the customer is paged to the counter.

If the badge label does not print, or if you receive an error message indicating that a DYMO printer was not found, see  Kiosk Ticket & Visitor Badge Setup, for instructions on how to verify and enable ActiveX controls.

Visitor Badge

The web kiosk will print a visitor badge for both  Customer Check-in/Check-out, and Visitor Sign-in/Sign-out modes. If LobbyCentral is being used in Customer Check-in/Check-out mode, customers may check-in using the kiosk, but visitors (non-customers) must be checked in by a LobbyCentral user, through the Visitor Center.

To view the  system requirements for the ticket/badge printing feature, please see Kiosk Ticket & Visitor Badge Setup in the LobbyCentral Cloud Admin Manual.

Enabling Badge or Check-In Ticket Printing

  1. Access the web kiosk through the App Center menu in the portal login screen, or go to
  2. Enter Company ID, username, and password.
  3. Select the kiosk location and queues.
  4. If printing visitor badges, select the badge printer from the drop-down menu (or select the ticket printer from the drop-down menu if printing check-in tickets).
  5. Click Login.
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