Should I use Cloud or On-Premise?

Cloud Based

LobbyCentral cloud-based software is hosted on our server in a data center. All that is needed to access your account is an internet connection and a compliant web browser. This means you can access LobbyCentral from anywhere in the world.

Benefits to cloud-based system:
  • No software or hardware to install or maintain.
  • Accessible from anywhere internet is available.
  • Convenient pay-as-you go, cancel anytime subscription.
  • Comes ready to run.

LobbyCentral cloud security uses 256-bit encryption to protect data travelling to and from our servers. Cloud databases are single-tenant and are encrypted at rest. LobbyCentral cloud does not support Single Sign-On technology. If your organization requires a higher level of security, we recommend purchasing LobbyCentral On-Premise, which is installed on your server and maintained by your IT department.

For more information about LobbyCentral's data security, please see our Terms of Service Section 10- Data Confidentiality and Security.

The Cloud solution is ideal for businesses that need a check-in system for one or two departments. If you have multiple locations, or need a check-in system for a large number of departments, or additional security requirements, you will need the On-Premise solution.


With the on-premise solution, the LobbyCentral software and database, are installed on your local server. On-Premise is licensed as an annual subscription only. 

Benefits to on-premise system:
  • Enhanced and controlled security. The data and software are behind the company firewall.
  • Licensed by location, not queues.   
  • API access license available to integrate LobbyCentral with other systems.
  • Enhanced kiosk features such as Content Pages.

On-Premise is ideal for businesses that need control of the LobbyCentral data, to comply with laws or local policy, have multiple locations, or locations that have more than one department.

Please contact  [email protected] if you have additional questions, about which solution is right for your business.

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