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LobbyCentral is a fully automated check-in system that securely captures the customer’s name, reason for visit, time in, and other customizable fields.

Eliminating a paper sign-in sheet protects customer information while maintaining a list of who is waiting in order of arrival time. LobbyCentral also saves money by eliminating “take-a-number” refill and other paper-based management systems.

Employees can easily monitor waiting customers from their desk. LobbyCentral will notify users when a customer has checked in, displaying name, reason for visit, requested employee (if selected), and time in.

Monthly and weekly reports are simplified with LobbyCentral’s built-in reporting system. Access to critical information such as number of visits, average wait time, average service time, and reason for visit is available with just a few clicks. Export data to combine LobbyCentral information with data from other systems.

Best of all, LobbyCentral is 100% browser based which means no end-user software to install.

Business Challenges

  • Paper sign-in sheets expose names, phone numbers, email, and other sensitive information in a time when identity theft is on the rise
  • Most paper sign-in sheets violate policies at a local or federal level
  • Take-a-number systems can’t check-in or check-out times, requiring employees to keep track of their service time
  • Identifying hours when service slows due to heavy traffic and too few employees 
  • Appearing unorganized, leading to customer frustration and abandoned visits

Key Features

  • Kiosk securely captures sensitive information such as name, visit reason, time in, time taken, and time out
  • QMonitor provides customers with their position in the queue and name notification
  • Real-time monitoring notifies users when a customer has been added or taken from the wait queue
  • Simple and intuitive interface allows users to quickly familiarize themselves with managing customers
  • ExpressLobby (Mobile check-in), exclusive to cloud subscription. Customer checks in via mobile device and is virtually placed in queue. Customer waits in car, or a nearby location until they receive a text notifying them they may enter the building.
  • Cloud based model means no software to install. For more secure environments, LobbyCentral is available as a licensed on-premise subscription.

Business Benefits

  • Maintains customers in order of arrival and eliminates “accidental name scratch-off”
  • Gives management ability to obtain traffic data for any given date range
  • Lower TCO compared to paper based systems and manual reporting
  • Improves accuracy of collected information, primarily check-in and check-out
  • Provides a professional and organized appearance

More Information and Trial

To learn more about LobbyCentral please call us at  1-800-715-7172 or visit our website at http://www.lobbycentral.com.

To register for a free trial, please visit http://www.lobbycentral.com.

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