Why are my users being logged out of LobbyCentral?

LobbyCentral does not automatically logout users. When a user logs in, a session cookie is created, and is used to identify the user within LobbyCentral. This cookie is valid for 12 hours of continuous idle time. The cookie is destroyed when one of the following events occurs:

  •  The user closes the browser.
  •  The user’s network connection is lost or interrupted.
  •  The user’s session has been idle for more 12 hours.
  •  The browser’s cache is cleared / cookies deleted.
  •  Issue with the browser.

It’s important to note that the cookie is valid for 12 hours of idle time. Meaning, the clock resets as long as the user is doing something in LobbyCentral. The user is not limited to a 12 hour session as long as there is activity. When a session has expired, the user will see the following screen, with the session expired message at the top.

The previous feature “Stay logged in for 12 hours” is not related to the session cookie. That feature simply stored login information on the user’s computer to allow them to by-pass the login screen. For security and compliance purposes, that feature was removed.

Verify the user is using a compliant web browser (Internet Explorer 9 or higher, or Google Chrome), and that users are not closing the browser (clicking on the red X). Minimizing the browser is fine.

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