Join a Queue or Counter

Joining A Queue

  1. In the Queues box (on the main screen), click + Join Queue.
  2. Select the queue to join and click Submit.
  3. Repeat steps 1 & 2 until all assigned queues have been joined.

Note: If you are unable to join a queue manually, your Administrator may have disabled this feature. If disabled, please see your system Administrator to join your account to the appropriate queue(s).

Agent Counters/Windows: If the system Administrator has created and assigned users to Agent Counters, an additional item named Counter Assignment, will be displayed within the Queues section.

Joining An Agent Counter

  1. Click the link below Counter Assignment.
  2. Select your assigned counter.
  3. Click Submit.

View Waiting Customers: Users assigned to multiple queues my view each queue individually, or view all queues collectively. Clicking on a specific queue name will display customers waiting in that particular queue. Clicking "All" displays all customers waiting in the user's assigned queues.

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