Why are users seeing a trial registration message?

An issue with versions of LobbyCentral older than 6.4.1 caused a trial license to be created on a fully licensed system. 

This license would expire immediately and users would see a message that their trial period has expired.

To Temporarily Fix This Issue
  1. Instruct all users to close their browser.
  2. Download the license repair application
  3. Unzip the file and review the ReadMe file.
  4. Run licenseSetupFix.msi
  5. After installation completes, run LobbyCentral License Fix program.
  6. Enter the SQL server name, sa username, and password
  7. Click Fix License
  8. On the server, open IIS Manager and expand Application Pools
  9. Find and restart the lobbyCentral application pool.

Run this against the LobbyCentral database to remove the trial license that was created.

To permanently fix the issue, you must upgrade to LobbyCentral 7.x or higher.  

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