What is the billing breakdown if I make changes to my account?

The cloud service is billed every 30 days for the next period. For example, when a subscription renews on 10/1, the service period is 10/1 to 10/31. 

Making a change to your subscription during the billing period will pro-rate the new charges.

Example: On 10/1, your current LobbyCentral monthly plan is one queue at $59.95. You decide to add another queue to the plan on 10/14, changing the monthly cost to $119.90. When you make the change, the pro-rated charge is applied to your next invoice.   Here is how the charge breaks down:

  1. Credit for unused time for one queue from 10/14 to 11/1 = -$34.94.
  2. Time for two queues from 10/14 to 11/1 = $69.88
  3. Time for two queues from 11/1 to 12/1 = $119.90
  4. Total charged on 11/1 = $154.84

Your next invoice reflects a credit of $34.94 for the unused time, remaining on your original plan. Next, we calculate the total amount of time for two queues from 10/14 to 11/1. This charge is then added to the next billing period.

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