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Fuhr Software, Inc. dba LobbyCentral is a privately held software publishing company and is located in Columbus, OH.  The company maintains employees in key positions including the President/CEO, Vice President, and customer support.  Our data center is located in the United States and is operated by a SAS70 certified provider in an access controlled building.

Because Fuhr Software is engaged in multiple industries, each with their own complex compliance procedures and customer privacy policies,the company does not release confidential information or documents including:

  • Any and all financial statements, including tax filings
  • Information regarding insurance coverage, filings, etc.
  • Information regarding the location or provider of our Data Center
  • Information regarding system architecture
  • Information regarding system or application design, communications, etc.
  • Information regarding annual sales, customer base, or customer information.
  • Information regarding employees or location of employees
  • Any information that we decide would compromise security or customer confidentiality.

On-Premise Offering

LobbyCentral is a commercially off-the-shelf (COTS) product that is licensed one of two ways:
  • Perpetual (does not expire) license
  • Annual subscription license
A perpetual license is a one-time purchase cost and allows the customer to use the license indefinitely.   An annual subscription is a term license that must be renewed every 12-months to continue using the product.
Both licenses are bound by the End-User License Agreement that must be accepted when installing the software.
The application software and database are installed and managed on customer owned equipment.   Fuhr Software does not manage or maintain data collected by an on-premise system.   Access to the customer's on-premise server must be granted by the customer by initiating a separate remote support application that is secured with a unique username and random password.

Cloud Service

LobbyCentral Cloud is a software as-a-service (SaaS) that is offered as a monthly or annual subscription. Customers may pay month-to-month and cancel at any time. Customers may purchase an annual subscription which may be cancelled at the end of the subscription period.

LobbyCentral Cloud customers are bound by the Terms of Service that must be accepted when signing up for the service.
Customer data stored on our servers is encrypted.


Fuhr Software does not enter into contracts or agreements for LobbyCentral.
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