LobbyCentral not Auto-Refreshing or Playing Chime Notification

The LobbyCentral web portal, LobbyCentral Mobile iPad app, and QMonitor all connect to a push notification service to receive queue refresh updates. These updates are sent when a customer's request is opened, changed, deleted, or closed.

When the web portal and iPad app receive the notification, the application refreshes its lists. When QMonitor receives the notification, it refreshes its display and/or displays the Call to Action alert message.

If the application loses its connection, even temporarily, to the push notification service, this will stop the automatic refreshing of the display, as the application no longer receives messages. When a lost connection occurs, the application will attempt to reconnect and give up after too many failed attempts.

If you are experiencing connection losses, contact your IT department for further assistance.   Please ensure that *.lobbycentral.com and https://websync.lobbycentral.com are white-listed or allowed.

There are many factors that could cause intermittent or permanent loss and only your IT staff will be able to look into the the cause.

Common connection loss/failure sources:
  1. Faulty or misconfigured wireless router
  2. Weak wireless router signal
  3. The DNS settings on the network are using a server that is unable to resolve the domain websync.lobbycentral.com to the server's IP address.
  4. Firewall / Anti-Malware software are blocking outbound connections to that website.
  5. Anti-virus / Anti-malware software that employs web protection is blocking access because it thinks the site is malicious.
  6. A security appliance on the network is prohibiting external JavaScripts.
  7. Non-compliant web browser.  Please see our list of supported web browsers here.
  8. Local network issues
  9. Slow or spotty internet service
LobbyCentral will always post system outages at UptimeCentral Status and on our Facebook page.

Before opening a help ticket, please have IT run the following tests:

This test must be performed on the end-user's computer, logged in as the user.  Please do not test as an Administrator or a different user which could have elevated privileges that allow the test to pass.

Test 1:

Copy and paste the following into the browser:  https://websync.lobbycentral.com/js/fm.min.js


* Title: FM Core for JavaScript
* Version: 2.9.13
* Copyright Frozen Mountain Software 2011+

Test 2:

Copy and paste the following into the browser: https://websync.lobbycentral.com/websync.ashx



If the browser responds with an error, please provide support with the following information:

  1. Press F12 to open the Developer Console.
  2. Click the Console tab
  3. Use Windows screen capture (Window key + Shift + S) to capture the Console window.
  4. Send the screen capture along with the error message to Support.

If the browser responds with "Site is Unavailable" or "Site Cannot Be Reached", this generally means that a firewall or other outbound security monitoring application is blocking access to websync.lobbycentral.com.  

To ensure that security appliances do not block LobbyCentral, the domain lobbycentral.com, expresslobby.com, and sub-domains should be added to the whitelist.

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