Prioritizing a Transferred Customer Based on their Original Check-in Time

LobbyCentral has the ability to prioritize a customer who is being transferred to another queue, by the customer's original check-in time. 

The original check-in time will be used when the user chooses the option Close and New Check-In. The original check-in time WILL NOT be stored in the new request. It is a temporary value that is erased when the ticket is closed out.

  1. Select Close and New Check-In from the check-out window.
  2. Select the Queue / Service, and enter comments, etc.
  3. Select "Prioritize this check-in using original time in" in Options.
  4. Click Submit.

The customer will be displayed in the wait list with a (P) in front of his name, allowing the user to see that the customer has been placed in the queue according to his original check-in time.

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