Update Customer Profile

The Customer Profile section of the check-out window displays a customer's personal data. Information such as the customer's address, date of birth, phone number, and email address may be stored in the customer's profile. This data remains part of the customer's record unless it is changed by an employee.

Users can modify, or add information to the customer profile, by clicking the Update Customer Data link from the Customer Profile tab in the check-out window. 

Users may also access and edit the customer profile, by performing a Customer Search, in LobbyCentral's search menu.

  1. Go to Search > Customer Search.
  2. Enter the customer's full or partial name, or Account ID.
  3. Click Search.
  4. Locate the customer from the search list, and click Manage.
  5. Make the desired changes and click Save.

Note: Deleting a customer record is permanent and will remove all service requests associated with the record. If Delete is selected, a message will be displayed asking the user to confirm the action. Use with caution, as this action can not be reversed.

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