CSV/Excel Report Generator

CSV/Excel Report Generator allows agents to create customized reports. 

When the report is run, it will collect selected data, and email that data to the email address provided, in an attached csv file.

The agent can then format the information in Excel, or export the data to another program, for a customized report.

Creating a CSV/Excel Report

  1. In the menu, go to Reporting > CSV/Excel Report Generator.
  2. Select New Report (default). Previously saved reports may be selected from the dropdown menu.
  3. Select the Start Date.
  4. Select the End Date.
  5. Select the Match On information (the date the request was created, or the date it was completed). For example: Requests created in Work Queues are not always created and completed the same day. Please note** for appointments, the date Created field is not the date/time that a customer was checked in. You should use the 'time In' field instead. 
  6. Select the Location.
  7. Select the Customer Queues to be included in the report.
  8. Select the Work Queues to be included in the report.
  9. Click the drop-down menu to select the report field(s) and click Add Field for each item to include.
  10. Click the drop-down menu in Custom Fields and click Add Field for each custom field to add. 
  11. Enter the email address in which to send the report.
  12. Name the Report to save for future use (optional).
  13. Click Run.

Note: Your user account must have Reporting permissions to access Report Manager. If you do not have the appropriate permissions please see your LobbyCentral administrator.

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