77. Cloud Update: Version 7.2 Release (minor) [5/30/23]


  • Replaced Zoom JWT authentication with OAUTH per Zoom security change
  • The Show in Kiosk property for a Service has been replaced
  • Services can now be hidden from the Main, Kiosk, ExpressLobby, and Online Meeting check-in pages.
  • Services must have the Online Meeting view property selected to show when scheduling an online meeting
  • Only users with a Zoom User ID will be selectable when scheduling an online meeting
  • 'Meet With' is now required when scheduling an online meeting
  • Added 'Special Instructions' field to customer profile to display a message to the customer when checking in at a kiosk
  • Added field to prevent a customer from checking in at a kiosk. If Special Instructions is set, that message is displayed. Otherwise, a generic "Kiosk check-in is not available. Please see an employee to check-in" message is displayed.
  • Added automatic phone number formatting to custom phone fields
  • Added option to turn of QR Tag check-in in the Kiosk Profile
  • Added the ability to search for a user by email


  • Fixed broken image in appointment emails
  • Fixed category filter in queue maintenance (bug 209)
  • Fixed issue with new appointment emails including ExpresLobby check-in link when it was disabled. This occured if the 'include mobile check-in button' option was enabled (bug 159)
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