Importing Closing Question JSON file into Excel

Please see the following article for information on how to export Closing Question results.

To start parsing the JSON file with Excel, start Excel and create a new Spreadsheet.

In the top menu, click Data.  In the menu below that, click Get Data, then select From File, and then From JSON

Select the JSON file that was created in LobbyCentral.

Click To Table, just under the File menu.

Leave the default parameters and click OK.

Click on the top right icon in the table that shows two arrows facing opposite of each other.

Deselect columns you do not want to see in the final result.  Uncheck "Use original column name as prefix" and click OK.

The table should now show the list of Questions and a new column called Results.

In the Results column, click on the icon with the opposing arrows and choose Expand to new rows.

The table will expand.   Once again, in the Results column, click the opposing arrows icon.  This will show the final two data points, Answer and Count.  Be sure "Use original column name as prefix" is unchecked and click OK.

The view will now change to show three columns:  Question, Answer, and Count.

Click Close & Load

The data will be transferred to Excel.   

To save the file in Excel format, click File and choose Save As.

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