71. Cloud Update: Version 6.9 [1/26/2022]

Resolved Issues
  • Fixed list load error in Visitor Center where company name was not returned from the database
  • Fixed user setting not saving Notification selections
  • Rewrote database connection logic to make pooling more efficient
  • Added 404 page for invalid links
  • To prevent users from overwriting comments when using multi-customer mode, an in-service request can now only be opened by one user. If a user attempts to open a request already opened by another, a message is displayed.
  • A new scheduling option has been added to include the duration of a booked appointment when looking for free time slots. This option is enabled by default.
  • A new scheduling conflict option has been added to count conflict by service/visit reason instead of the location. For example, if the max number of conflicts is set to 2 and the conflict review is set to "Service", each time slot may book two of the same service types.
  • Appointment options have been moved from System Options to its own page under the Apps menu in Administration.
  • Added dedicated ExpressLobby URLs to the location page that can be added to a website as a clickable link for online check-in
  • CSV Reports are now queued for processing and will be executed every 10 minutes to alleviate system congestion
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