52. Cloud Update: Version 5.2.0 Released [8/01/19]


  • Added system option to set the max callout number 
  • Changed datbase connection string to use the traditional database parameter instead of 'Use <database>'.
  • A mobile phone number is now required when creating an appointment which the customer uses at the kiosk to check in.
  • Added ability for a customer to check-in for an appointment with a 10-digit phone number
  • Added audit tracking to appointment check-in
  • Added Audit Log to Administration.   Tracks deleted, modified requests and deleted, updated user accounts
  • Changed service description list in Queue maintenance to show an "Inactive" flag next to services that are no longer active 
  • Added QMonitor Voice Announcements.   Message can be customized in System Administration, QMonitor Settings
  • Added billing option to hide Billing Notices, such as failed payments, from users.  Administrators and Supervisor level accounts will always see billing notices.
  • Added Address and Operating Hours at the location and queue level.   A queue level address will override the location address for that queue.  (Used for LobbyView widget)
  • Added global Kiosk setting option to update customer phone number with the number that was used to check-in.   
  • Added LobbyView administration (LobbyView is not available in mid-August)
Resolved Issues
  • Fixed check-in notification showing on every check-in regardless of queue membership
  • Fixed bug that allowed a service to be a sub-service of itself
  • Fixed Employee Name not being sent to QMonitor
  • Fixed number pad issue with kiosk's on screen keyboard
  • Fixed "jumping" background in kiosk
  • Added ARIA tags to kiosk to support ADA screen readers
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