47. LobbyCentral Cloud Version 5.0 Release [2-03-2019]

Version 5.0

Release Date 2/3/2019

New Features

  • Feedback polls that are displayed at the end of a kiosk check-in. Feedback polls are anonymous.
  • Sub-Services can now be added to services (only supported in the web kiosk at this time).This is a great way to make it easier for customers to choose their visit reason at the kiosk. For example, a bank may have "Open Account" as the primary service, and the types of accounts, such as "checking" and "savings", listed as sub-services.

Resolved Issues

  • Issue preventing a user from adding an account number to a customer record after deleting an account
  • Fixed issue with inactive Product Interest items showing during check-out
  • Removed "Message broadcast" permission from User Maintenance, which is no longer used.
  • Corrected Billing email on Billing page.
  • Fixed missing Kiosk wallpaper preview

Application Changes

  • Improved SQL performance
  • When a pending or in-service check-in is deleted, it is now logged regardless if the delete notification is turned on. You can now run a report to show deleted requests including date,time, and the user that deleted the request.
  • Added new field to Card Swipe Profile record to ignore a leading character. For example 00000123 with an ignore character of '0' will read as 123.
  • Added Service Category filter to Service/Visit Reasons management page. Cleaned up list display.
  • Added system option to display callout number in the waiting list, next to the customer name
  • Changed the Billing page to Profile page.
  • Company ID can now be change on the Profile page in Administration, under the Plans & Billing section.
  • The number of days before the Renewal Reminder can be changed under Billing, Profile.
  • Item Tracking/Interest Item has been changed to Cross-Sell Tracking for clarification.
  • Cross-Sell Tracking items and pre-defined comments has been moved to System Options under the Cross-Sell Tracking tab.
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