Kiosk Update: Version 2.2.7 [5-04-16]

  • Turned off auto-correction for first and last name field
  • If First Available option is disabled, customer must select a name from the list to continue checking in
  • Fixed crashing when setting the wallpaper from Camera Roll
  • Fixed option labels from glitching out in Settings when pulling down to view more choices
  • Added 2D barcode option for scanning AAMVA compliant driver's licenses
  • Changed default screen saver title from "Touch Screen to Begin" to "Touch Screen to Check-In"
  • Kiosk will now capture middle name from driver's license
  • Name selection screen now times out after 30 seconds and automatically closes
  • You can now customize when the screen saver activates or disable it
  • You can now customize the screen saver message
  • Added support for disclaimer screen message
  • Added option to disable the name selection screen after customer enters their name. It is not recommended to disable the name selection screen which will result in duplicate customer records.
  • Native Kiosk now supports the "hide service description from kiosk" option
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