Version 8.2.4 Released [11/08/2018]

Core Version:   8.2

Core Release Date:   November 8, 2018

Patch/Maintenance Releases for Core

Version 8.2.4 Minor Release

Release Date 11/8/2018

  • [ADDED] Folder Location tab to System Options to override the default file storage location for QMonitor Ads and Kiosk Image Capture
  • [ADDED] code to disable table locking while a SELECT operation is running against the database
  • [ADDED] system option to define the folder location for QMonitor Ads and Image Captures
  • [CHANGE] Images captured by the kiosk are now stored in the file system instead of the database, which could cause performance issues
  • [CHANGE] Images uploaded for a restricted individual are now stored in the file system
  • [CHANGE] SQL statements using date as a parameter, eliminating conversion to enhance performance
  • [CHANGE] issue 10, QMonitor page button from an icon to standard button with text.Added page confirmation box.
  • [CHANGE] issue 14, changed title 'Work Request Waiting List' on User Pref page to'Default Check-Out Waiting List View'
  • [FIXED] QMonitor not pulling saved preferences
  • [FIXED] Integration screen throwing a Javascript error when saving changes
  • [FIXED] Appointment buttons missing styling
  • [FIXED] issue 5, customer queue list not loading in user maintenance if there is only oneactive location
  • [FIXED] issue 3, inactive product interest items appearing during check-out
  • [FIXED] issue 15, text check-in messages not being sent to users
  • [FIXED] issue 19, error message when trying to upload a QMonitor DS ad in maintenance
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