45. LobbyCentral Cloud Version 4.1 Released [2-11-18]

  • [FIXED] System option "show account id in In-Service list" not saving
  • [FIXED] Incorrect appointment end-time in Outlook
  • [CHANGED] Grouped System Options options by category
  • [CHANGED] Wait column "Employee Requested" to "Waiting For"
  • [ADDED] System option to prioritize waiting list by Schedule Time before check-in time
  • [ADDED] Column to waiting list to show Scheduled (appointment) time.  Activated with prioritization by scheduled time option.
  • [ADDED] Customer email and phone fields to the check-in information screen
  • [ADDED] Icon to service description in waiting list to indicate if a comment was created during check-in.  Hovering the cursor over the icon will display the comments.
  • [ADDED] View button to Appointments page to view summary of a confirmed appointment
  • [ADDED] Confirmation Code to confirmed list on the Appointments page
  • [ADDED] Source field to appointment summary view that indicates if it was created by a user or through LC Appointments
  • [ADDED] Kiosk Profile option to limit the last name field to one character
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