01. Cloud Update: Version 2.6.0 [06-08-14]

== 6/8/14 ==
Email notifications are individually sent instead of showing all recipients in the To field

Previously, notification emails were sent to all receipients in the "To" field.   If a receipient had auto-reply enabled, such as an Out Of Office responder, all users would receive the auto-reply. 

"Requested User" label has been changed to "Assign To" and now indicates if user is available

When creating a new check-in request, the Assign To (formally Requested User) drop-down menu will now indicate if the user is unavailable.  Only users that are logged in and have the ability to take customers will appear in the drop-down.

Added ability to change the notification email's subject line 

You can now modify the notification email's subject line.   To access this feature, go to Tools, Administration, Notifcation Email.

Various bug fixes
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