02. Cloud Update: Version 2.8.1[09-23-14]

Released on 9/23/2014

This update contained several changes to the main screen.  The key change is that the home page now contains two tabs (or sections).   The appointments box has been moved into its own tab on the home page.

Users will still receive check-in updates while viewing either tab.

Other user interface changes are listed below:

  • Fixed issue with Excel/CSV export not populating account number field
  • Fixed Object Reference error not found error when transferring or reassigning a request
  • Transfer/Reassign actions are now available for all accounts
  • The individual actions for the Work Request window have been combined into a drop-down menu
  • Action command "Transfer Request" is now "Close and New Check-In"
  • Action command "Reassign" is now "Reassign Queue/Service"
  • LobbyCentral will now find pending requests that were left in an "Edit" state and prompt the user to close or cancel the change
  • When editing an appointment, that status is no longer changed to Edit
  • The Home page has been divided into two separate tabs. Appointments have been moved into the second tab.
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