QMonitor update retains selected options at start-up [10-30-17]

QMonitor will now remember the options that were selected at start-up with the exception of the password.   The password must still be entered on the options screen to start QMonitor.

You can now bookmark the URL after starting QMonitor to have it skip the option selection screen and use the settings from the last login.

After starting QMonitor, you will see a URL that looks similiar to this:


By pasting in the encrypted URL, it skips the options screen and loads the settings from the last login.   Settings are saved in the browser cookies.

Please note the following:

  1. The encrypted URL can only be used on the PC that it was created on
  2. Browser cookies must be enabled
  3. Clearing the cookies cache will invalidate the URL.   You will need to select your options again to reset the URL.
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