Important information re: Kiosk and the LobbyCentral 4.0 Update [8-07-17]

LobbyCentral Cloud will be updated on Sunday August 13, 2017 starting at 6:00 pm EST.

This update contains a change to how you start the web kiosk.   Please review this topic so that you are familiar with the new start-up procedure following the update.

What is Changing with the Kiosk?

When you start the kiosk, a screen is presented to enter your company ID, login information, and set various options.

The login screen will remain, but the options have been moved into a Kiosk Profile, which is managed inside LobbyCentral.

The Kiosk Profile allows a user to select a profile with preset settings instead of having to remember which options to select whenever the kiosk is started.

Which Kiosk is affected?

The procedure change affects web kiosk and Non-native Kiosk Mode in the iPad app.   If you are not sure if your iPad is using the native kiosk, please see iPad Kiosk Modes below to determine if the change applies to your kiosk.

If your kiosk is running on a device with a web browser, you are using the web kiosk.

Do I need to create a Kiosk Profile after the update?

A default profile will be created for each of your locations.   If you have one location, only one profile is created.   When you start your kiosk, select the default profile from the drop-down list.

To change the settings in the default profile, or to create a new one:

  1. Log into LobbyCentral with an administrator account
  2. Click Tools->Administration
  3. In the left side menu under Kiosk, choose Profiles.
  4. Restart your kiosk and select the appropriate profile to activate the changes.
iPad Kiosk Modes
The  LobbyCentral Kiosk app for the Apple iPad has two modes that the kiosk can operate in:   Native and Non-Native.
If the app is using  Native Mode, it is using Apple's built-in technology to display the screens.  Native mode settings are performed inside the app and will not use Kiosk Profiles.   Therefore,  Native Mode will not affected by the 4.0 update.
If the app is using  Non-Native Mode, it is using the same Web Kiosk as a web browser.    Non-Native mode will present the Kiosk Profile selection screen.
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