Version 6.3.0 [7/1/14]

The following is a list of changes and new features that are available in this release. For additional questions, please contact [email protected] or call 1-800-715-7172.

Version 6.3.0 (7/1/14)

New Features

  • Added ability to display Callout Numbers in the kiosk 
  • QMonitor now has the option to display customer name, callout number, or both when the Notification window is shown 
  • QMonitor now has the option to display only the callout number in the list 
  • QMonitor now has the option to display employee name, counter name, or both in the Called Names list. 
  • Kiosk can now print a paper check-in ticket with the callout number. DYMO Labelwriter printer is required to use this feature. 
  • User changes such as password or profiles updates are now logged in the database (tblSystemTransaction) 
  • Added option to disable File Upload feature 
  • Added support for SqlServer session state storage 
  • Added User Preference option to only show in-service requests for subscribed queues 
  • Added "dbConnectTimeout" option to CustomerSettings.config to override default connection time value of 30 seconds
  • Added ability for users to set a security question and answer to reset a lost password 
  • Added System Option to keep the chat window on top
  • Added System Option to reset chat sessions 
  • Added ability to search for a customer by SSN 
  • Added ability to make certain customer fields required at check-out 
  • Added Customer Merge feature to Tools menu 
  • Added new User Permission to allow user to run Customer Merge tool 
  • Added option to Visitor Kiosk to use a free-form text field in place of drop-down list for employee name 
  • Added new Time Mismatch report to Report Manager 
  • Added ability to fix time mismatch requests in Fix Requests 
  • Added ability to independently run push notification service 
  • Date and time changes are now validated when editing a closed request 
  • Added SMS check-in notification 
  • Added support to use the Twilio SMS service

Resolved Issues

  • Removed Customer Import function. Use Data Tools program instead. 
  • Mobile Providers has been removed from Data Tables. Providers are now stored in lobbycentral\web\includes\MobileProviders.txt 
  • QMonitor will now save the selection options
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